Who we are

We’re an aspiring sports supplement brand, delivering a range of high quality products including protein powder, vitamins & minerals and performance clothing.

Founded in 2017, at Stay Focused Supplements we aim to be Europe’s No.1, based out of a small town in Manchester. We operate in over 44 countries through a diverse and dedicated team. Every day we work to inspire people of all ages and genders to believe in their fitness potential, then fuel them to achieve it and reach their goals.

Why we started

Growing up being an active gym member, trying to stay active and fit, we quickly learnt how expensive it can be to keep up your gym supplements to help reach your goals. Our main goal was to be affordable and offer high quality products to everyone, knowing how hard this was for ourselves and also can be for many people. We want to meet and cater needs for everyone, we have worked hard with the manufactures to make this possible.

Why partner with us 

Partnering with us means you're saving the environment, what do we mean? As a business we use a lot of cardboard boxes to send out your items. What we try to do as much as possible is reuse cardboard boxes from other local businesses who are looking to just throw away the empty boxes, You'll notice sometimes when you receive parcels from us that sometimes they may be stickers from previous company's shipping label on there, As we do try to take of any other company information before sending you any parcels. #SAVEOURWORLD